We reduce wastewater flows and heavy metal pollution.

Rising disposal costs and stricter limit values have compelled a re-think about the treatment of wastewater flows. Frequently, large volumes of solutions with low concentrated impurities have to be treated expensively or have to be expensively disposed. instrAction resins effectively and economically filter heavy metals out of sewage and thus allow a cost-effective disposal.

Industrial rinse and wash water solutions often contain heavy metals, at many times in low concentration. Therefore, accompanying substances thwart easy treatment and isolation of heavy metals.

MetCap® resins also bind heavy metals from highly complex matrices which previous technologies could not achieve. If heavy metal-containing wastewater is filtered via InstrAction MetCap® resins, the volumes and thus the disposal costs can be significantly reduced. The bound heavy metals may be used for recycling and or, then isolated or in concentrated form, can be disposed of appropriately.