instrAction opens new paths for water filtration

The instrAction absorber resins are extremely stable, durable, and quite unrivalled in terms of their capacity, for example for heavy metals.

instrAction’s technology is a unique technology platform, which in this form has been unknown to the water purification industry. A library of 4,500 different selective resins with matched particle and pore size allow fast and optimal adaptation to the respective cleaning problem. Specific procedural requirements and given parameters can therefore be easily met directly or - if necessary – be met by appropriate adjustments.

The unprecedented flexibility of the technology platform allows – in combination with established modules such as active carbon – or as a stand-alone unit to be integrated into water treatment plants, in households, gastronomy, clinics and in industrial usage, with low cost and 100% return.

Physio-chemical stability and longevity of the patent protected absorber resins as well as their possible regeneration are additional benefits.