The novel absorber resins from instrAction can be considered an evolution of the chromatographic phases since they have been developed for pharmaceutical applications for ingredient purification- and therefore meet the strict requirements of the pharmaceutical Industry.

By targeted modification of the absorber surface in the InstrAction resins, tuned to the individual impurity spectrum, it is possible to remove even the slightest traces of toxic impurities from water or other media. This is how it is possible, for example, to bind all relevant drinking water heavy metals and to keep the harmless or even beneficial alkaline earth metals, such as Calcium and Magnesium, untouched in the water. The use of inert carriers and resistant binding groups as well as the connection via stable chemical bonds make the instrAction resins extremely durable which can easily be cleaned and reused by common methods. There is no leaching and no release of substances, such as sodium or even silver, into the filtered drinking water.