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Nano-Micro and instrAction form strategic alliance

Nano-Micro Technology and instrAction form strategic alliance

Suzhou, P. R. China

Nano-Micro Technology Company Ltd. (Suzhou, P. R.China) , a world-leader in monodisperse microparticle technology and instrAction GmbH (Mannheim, Germany), the specialist for design and production of selective separation matrices, signed a strategic alliance for the development of customized instrAction ® Phases for downstream processing of biotherapeutics. These two companies will join their efforts to develop new types of chromatography media and applications, to meet the growing demand for global bioseparation market and to explore business opportunities. Nano-Micro Technology will promote instrAction’s media and technology in China; and instrAction will in turn bring Nano-Micro Technolgy’s resin and other related products into Europe market.

About Nano-Micro Technology Company Ltd. -

Nano-Micro Tech is devoted to developing a world-leading technology for providing the highest quality and the largest selection of uniformly sized nano- and microspheres (microparticles). The company is capable of supplying monodisperse particles of almost any size ranging from 5 nanometers to 1000 microns of different materials, structures, and functionalities. Nano-Micro Tech makes both monodisperse non-porous and porous (100 Å, 300 Å, 500 Å, 1000 Å) media with a size selection as small as 1.7µm for UPLC, and as large as 100µm for process-scale chromatography. Nano-Micro Tech offers an extensive line of media for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical separation by reversed phase, normal phase, ion exchange, affinity, size exclusion, and hydrophobic interaction chromatography based on polystyrene, polyacrylate or silica gel.

About instrAction GmbH -

instrAction, founded in 1997 and located in Mannheim (High Tech Park Neckarau), develops and manufactures 'instrAction® phases” as novel highly selective resins for chromatography. The proprietary technology enables the immobilization of a wide variety of functional ligands on a polymer network, coated on very different porous backbone materials. Small molecules as well as substances with high molecular weight are separated by highly selective reversible interactions. The high selectivity of an instrAction stationary phase is thereby reached by multivalent-multimodal interactions between target molecule and the functional ligands of the phase, similar to the lock-and-key principle.