Here, research and management meet at the highest level

The management team of instrAction combines professional and business management know-how. The balanced combination of both perspectives is the best basis for future growth.



Florian Rohde

Florian Rohde has been the Managing Director of instrAction GmbH since 2019. He is an expert in water treatment and has many years of international experience with renowned water filter manufacturers. He combines technical, market-specific and commercial knowledge through his education as an engineer and his degree as Master of Business Administration. His professional experiences have been just as varied. He has held senior positions in product development, project management, marketing and business development across a number of companies.

Dr. Martin Welter

Dr. Martin Welter has been working in the field of research and development for instrAction GmbH since 2002. Since 2015, he has been Head of the CleanTech department and since 2017, CSO of instrAction. Dr. Martin Welter is a chemist for organic chemistry and was instrumental in setting up the new business unit and aligning instrAction’s focus with CleanTech. His professional focus is on the development of chromatographic phases and absorber resins.

Dr. Christian Meyer
Head of Production and Synthesis

Dr. Christian Meyer has held various positions in research and development and production in instrAction since 2008 and has been a head of manufacturing and synthesis since 2010. Dr. Christian Meyer is a chemist for organic chemistry and received his doctorate in 2009 at the TU Clausthal. He has developed the synthesis and preparation of the current resins for CleanTech applications based on the instrAction technology.

Dr. Kristian Lungfiel
Laboratory Manager for Technology Transfer

Dr. Kristian Lungfiel has been working at instrAction GmbH since 2014. As a chemist for analytics, his field is the development of synthesis and application of polymers for chromatography and solid-phase extraction. He was instrumental in the development of the instrAction technology and, as laboratory manager for technology transfer, currently forms the interface between the production and application teams.