instrAction has been committed to implementing breakthrough innovations since 1997

Dynamic growth and a solid economic base need not be a contradiction. Since its founding, instrAction has been expanding its activity at a fast pace. A stable investor structure ensures that conditions remain supportive for sustained growth in the future.

1997: instrAction GmbH was founded by Dr. Klaus Gottschall and other shareholders. The basic technology for producing multimodal chromatography materials was developed over the years

1998-2002: The first generation of international patents were filed

2003-2008: The focus was on the development of stationary chromatographic phases for the purification of small molecule, pharmaceutical active ingredients. There were about 70 projects for different substance classes with more than 40 international clients

2008: The product development was extended to the field of protein purification

2015: Establishment of the CleanTech division with the focus on removing heavy metals from drinking water and recycling precious metals, further developing the resins in terms of capacity, selectivity and longevity

2016: Focus of the company on the field of CleanTech

2017: Development of resins for bacterial removal from drinking water

2018: Introduction of the instrAction resins with MetCap® and BacCap® technology