We make clean drinking water even cleaner

Water is the most important raw material of all. Securing humanity's global supply of clean drinking water is one of the United Nations Millennium Goals and a challenge that is second to none. Rising world population, increasing environmental pollution and higher demands on the supply of drinking water pose a gigantic challenge. instrAction makes an important contribution here.

For the purification of drinking water various technologies are in use and to an extent long established. Mechanical filtration, distillation, reverse osmosis (RO), filtration through absorbers such as activated carbon, or ion exchange softening are just some of the key techniques.

All of these techniques have some serious disadvantages, such as low yield, high energy requirements, rapid aging, lack of selectivity, unsuitable water quality, need for aftertreatment, etc. In addition, none of the methods covers the entire range of impurities, so that usually different techniques are combined in order to achieve a desired level of purification.

The main application of the instrAction resins is the complete removal of heavy metals, bacteria and special micropollutants with 100% yield and minimum energy input - through simple filtration, combined with longevity and robustness.

The MetCap® technology and the BacCap® technology can be combined in one resin. Thus, heavy metals and bacteria are completely removed in a filtration step.

instrAction resin with MetCap® technology
• Complete removal of toxic heavy metals from the tap water below the detection limit.
• Exceptional selectivity - only heavy metals are addressed.
• Health-promoting calcium and magnesium remain unaffected.
• Salt tolerance - the capacity for heavy metals will not be influenced by sodium, potassium, calcium or magnesium in drinking water.
• High stability - over the entire pH range.
• Outstanding capacity - unmatched by competitor resins.
• Flexible in different cartridge shapes.
• In combination with the BacCap® technology, the removal of heavy metals and bacteria in one step is possible.
• Resins with MetCap® technology are the only resins available on the market that can remove heavy metals completely and be used simultaneously in miniaturized filter cartridges.

instrAction resin with BacCap® technology
• Complete removal of drinking water relevant bacteria.
• Complete removal of Gram-positive and Gram-negative Bacteria, such as Escherichia coli (+), Staphylococcus aureus (+) and Enterococcus faecalis (-).
• Typical depletion rates: 5-7 log levels in tap water.
• High flexibility in adjusting productivity, backpressure, dimensions and shape of the cartridge.
• Mixing / combination with other resins (e.g. ion exchanger for softening) possible.
• In combination with the MetCap® technology, the removal of bacteria and heavy metals is possible in one step.
• Resins with BacCap® technology are the only particle-based material on the market that removes bacteria through a simple filtration step

instrAction absorber resins can be easily combined with other common cleaning processes such as Activated Carbon Filtration if the job requires it.

With the instrAction resins with MetCap® technology, even the smallest traces of toxins can be removed.