instrAction opens up new avenues in water treatment

The innovative resins of the instrAction lead to a new dimension in water purification.

instrAction absorber resins are exceptionally stable, long-lasting and unrivalled in terms of their capacity, for example for heavy metals. instrAction technology is a unique technology platform previously unknown in water purification.

A library of 4,500 different, selective resins with matched particle and pore size allows rapid and customized solutions unique to the specific cleaning problem. Special process engineering requirements and given parameters can therefore be easily met directly or - if necessary - by appropriate adjustments.

The unrivalled flexibility of the technology platform allows - in combination with established modules such as activated carbon or as a "stand-alone unit" - the installation in water treatment plants in households, catering, clinics or in the industrial and municipal sector - at low cost and 100% yield.

Other advantages include the high physicochemical stability and longevity of the patented absorber resins, as well as their regenerability, especially under industrial conditions of use.