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Pioneering Water
Filtration Technology

Applications Our iA Technology, expandable to relevant application areas.

Applications We create a future with safe, clean drinking water for everyone.

Applications We recycle precious metals more effectively

Applications We develop absorbers to fight against emerging contaminants.


instrAction resin. High level of effectiveness.

instrAction resin Is characterized by the type, the number and the ratio of ligands and the ligand density. Our resins are flexible. A variety of porous support materials, polymers and ligands allows to meet even very specific needs.


Breakthrough innovations since 1997.

Dynamic growth and a solid economic base need not be a contradiction. Since its founding, instrAction has been expanding its activity at a fast pace. A stable investor structure ensures that conditions remain supportive for sustained growth in the future.


Press releases
and dates.

Heidelberg, Germany, Sep. 6, 2023

instrAction has been awarded as EMPLOYER OF THE FUTURE by the German Innovation Institute for Sustainability and Digitalisation (DIND). The patron of the initiative is Brigitte Zypries, former Federal Minister of Economics.

Thales von Millet

„The principle of all things is water; everything is made of water and everything is withdrawn into the water.“

Our mission is keeping the most valuable resource clean by removing toxic metals, bacteria and other contaminants from water.

Reliable. Efficient. User-friendly. Economical.

We are

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The next generation of water filtration technology.

instrAction GmbH
Carl-Friedrich-Gauß-Ring 5
69124 Heidelberg

T +49 6221 6509946

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