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We make drinking
water more safe
and sustainable.

A future with
clean and safe
drinking water.

Water is the most important raw material of all.

Securing humanity's global supply of clean drinking water is one of the United Nations Millennium Goals and a challenge that is second to none. Rising world population, increasing environmental pollution and higher demands on the supply of drinking water pose a gigantic challenge. instrAction makes an important contribution here.

For the purification of drinking water various technologies are in use and to an extent long established. Mechanical filtration, distillation, reverse osmosis (RO), filtration through absorbers such as activated carbon, or ion exchange softening are just some of the key techniques.

All of these techniques have some serious disadvantages, such as low yield, high energy requirements, rapid aging, lack of selectivity, unsuitable water quality, need for aftertreatment, etc. In addition, none of the methods covers the entire range of impurities, so that usually different techniques are combined in order to achieve a desired level of purification.

The main application of the instrAction resins is the complete removal of heavy metals, bacteria and special micropollutants with 100% yield and minimum energy input - through simple filtration, combined with longevity and robustness.

Our Technology

instrAction M 200 for PoU and PoE water filters.

instrAction M type absorber resin is a newly developed food grade, hydrogel resin for drinking water filtration at Point-of-Use and Point-of-Entry with an outstanding performance in heavy metal removal. The absorber comprise a porous crosslinked Polyvinyl Amine backbone, which forms its binding and capturing sites, thus resulting in high chemical and mechanical stability at moderate back pressure. The high productivity enabling small beds and filter miniaturization.

The ultimate water filter for PoU
and PoE

The patented iA technology cleverly combined with a high performing carbon block results in the most small and compact water filter fitting under every sink:

  • A mineral water quality straight from the tap for the whole family.

  • Clear and safe water with one cartridge. Just a single cartridge to be handled, integrated and monitored by the consumer.

  • It reduces odor and taste-disturbing substances such as Chlorine for more flavor.

  • It reduces almost all health impairing contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, pharmaceutical residues, pesticides, asbestos, microplastics and volatile organic compounds.

  • Natural, valuable and healthy minerals like magnesium or calcium are untouched and stay in the water for a mineral water like quality.

  • The pH of the water is unchanged and guarantees a balanced water.

Drinking Water Applications with
iA technology.

Point of Use
Tap water in mineral water quality.

Like even though tap water is safe to drink in most Western countries, installing a point of use water filter can improve the quality of the drinking water without draining the wallet.  Choosing tap water over bottled mineral water means a decrease in single-use plastic bottles and is, therefore, an eco-friendly choice. 

Point of Entry Safe
water for the whole house

Solutions with with iA technology make a difference in PoE water filtration. Most filters are only carbon filters with the shortcoming in heavy metal removal which can be compensated by the addition of absorbers from instrAction. The filter concept can be transferred to most existing filter solutions.

Water Dispensing
Units Mineral water quality from your water dispenser

Consumers can expect from a water dispenser good water quality. With the iA technology in combination with an excellent carbon block consumers expectations are exceeded – they get a mineral water like quality.


Our iA co-branding logo

Companies who trust in instrActions next generation water filter solutions by using iA technology in their filter portfolios. They are proud and showing it by using the iA co-branding logo.

With filbec we have developed their new filter generation.

Together with our great partner filbec we have developed their new filter generation. Two innovative filter media are combined in a single filter cartridge for clean, safe, healthy and tasty drinking water – the filbec carbon block with nanofibers and instrAction's iA absorber technology. A combination that eliminates the need for RO systems in most applications. The promise: 100% water. Visit:

The dynamic team from Alb and the innovative instrAction team

The dynamic team from Alb and the innovative instrAction team partner up. A revolutionary new filter promise arise: Highest standard in water filter design and water quality. The iA technology is so powerful that it fits even in the DUO on-tap filter or ELEMENT filter from Alb, providing mineral water quality straight from the tap - for the whole family at home or on tour. See the great products under

Other areas of application We recycle precious metals more effectively

Other areas of application We develop absorbers to combat emerging pollutants

How could your next generation of water filter look like? Contact us.

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