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We recycle
precious metals
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Recycling of precious metals from fluids up to 100% yield.

In light of dwindling resources, the recycling of raw materials is becoming increasingly important. Several metals in particular are enormously important for the industry due to their value (precious metals) or their availability (rare earths). Industrial process and wastewater streams contain considerable amounts of these metallic raw materials, worth billions of dollars. As the value of resources rises, recovery technologies are beginning to make sense for even parts-per-million traces of materials such as precious metals. Precious metals (Platinum, Palladium, Ruthenium, Rhodium, Iridium, Gold and Silver) are found in many wastewaters. These are often available in a form that is difficult to access for recovery.

With our deep scientific understanding, combined with the specialized instrAction absorbers, iA technology enables use to increase recovery yields of precious metals from industrial water streams up to 100%.

Our Technology

Absorber resins with iA technology for metal recovery.

instrAction absorbers with iA technology bind even the smallest traces of precious metals or rare earths in aqueous or organic solvents and allow the recovery of valuable elements in an economical way. Combined with the deep scientific understanding und research capabilities recovery processes can be developed and executed to achieve highest possible yields.

Absorber resin for metal recovery.

instrAction resin for the recovery of precious metals and rare earth from aqueous or organic solvents is a newly developed hydrogel absorber equipped with iA technology:

  • Selective removal of specific precious metals and rare earth elements.

  • Outstanding capacity and productivity.

  • Silica-based resin, coated with a crosslinked Polyvinyl Amine, which forms its binding and

    capturing sites.

  • High mechanical stability at low back pressure, can be used under high pressure conditions.

  • Broad applicability and chemical stability.

Use Cases for the precious metal recovery.

Effluent water from a pharma process containing Palladium.

During the production of a newly developed drug Palladium is used as a catalyst and is then present in two effluent streams. A process to recover the valuable precious metal is planned. instrAction developed a treatment process using iA absorber to bind all Palladium from the effluents for further recycling.

Recovery of Palladium from an agriscience wastewater stream.

Palladium is washed out during the pharmaceutical process and is present in a very stable complex. With conventional methods and absorber technologies only ca. 50% could be recovered.
Our chemists developed a process based on the iA technology which results in a recovery rate of close to 100%.

Other areas of application We make drinking water even cleaner and sustainable.

Other areas of application We develop absorbers to fight against emerging containments.

More about solutions for the recovery of heavy metals from aqueous or organic solvents? Talk to us.

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